Dharmik Revival in Malappuram

Malappuram district in Kerala is now often regarded as the next Kashmir, where the calls of Jihad permeates the air many times a day. Abduction of Hindu women, killing of Hindu youth, desecration of temples, encroachment of temple land have become the new normal.

However Malappuram is also the sacred land of Hindus, where the HinduSamaj once worshiped the most powerful Deities. The typical worship prevalent in Malappuram made the temples famous all over Bharat and people came to pray and as cure for many maladies.


The sacred land of Hindus also attracted the most ruthless of all Islamists invaders HyderAli and his son TipuSultan. The many invasions of Malappuram starting from 1766 AD was fought fiercely by the warrior clans of Malappuram. But the cruelty and attacks on women and children by Islamist forces resulted in blackmail and victory in many instances.

What followed during the Mysorean invasion was loot, plunder and destruction of Hindu temples, and unspeakable atrocities on Hindu women. More than 10,000 Hindu temples were estimated to be destroyed during invasion of Tipu Sultan alone. The Jihad against Hindu Dharma were continued by those left behind by his army and their descendants. The Jihad termed as Mappilah riots repeated every years from the Tipu invasion and culminated in the most gruesome riots of 1921. More than 5000 Hindu temples were estimated to be destroyed in Moplah riots of 1921; more than 10,000 Hindu men murdered for not converting to Islam; and close to one lakh Hindus forced to flee. The nature of atrocities on Hindu women can be gauged by the below as recorded in the book Malabar Rebellion 1921.

“A respectable Nayar lady at Metatur was stripped naked by the rebels in the presence of her husband and brothers, who were made to stand close by with their hands tied behind. When they shut their eyes in abhorrence, they were compelled at the point of the sword to open their eyes and witness the rape committed by these brutes in their presence.”[21]

The riots in Malappuram repeated in 1947 during Partition of Bharat and also in 1992 during RamMandir agitation which saw more attacks on Hindu temples.

The situation now is no different. HinduSamaj is now facing an enemy resourceful with cash to burn, men ready to die for Jihad and an administration remaining as mute witness to the extremism perpetuated in name of religion. The abduction of Hindu women continues unabated, the ideologies of ISIS is professed openly in public, Hindu youth are killed in open streets.

However not all is gloom, as was started an attempt to revive Hindu Heritage by those unwilling to surrender and determined to reclaim everything that belonged to our forefathers. The  #ReclaimTemples movement in Malappuram has committed and fearless volunteers reviving the very temples destroyed by Jihadis and organising the Hindu community around these temples. Many of these temples are in places where Hindu population are only around 10% or lesser.

Religious fanatics have openly declared that they will convert Malappuram to an Islamic State by year 2021 and celebrate the 100th anniversary of Moplah riots. Our answer to the same is that whatever the temples destroyed till date will be revived by 2021 and the land of our Gods will also be reclaimed from the encroachers.

We have started by rebuilding Cheriyamundam Vaniyannur Siva temple. The details and the progress of efforts can be accessed via link www.ket.to/kl001

Another temples that is being revived is Alathiyur Subrahmanya Swamy temple in Tirur Malappyram, Kerala. The details and the progress of efforts can be accessed via link www.ket.to/kl002

The revival of each temple is an elaborate process where the entire rituals as mentioned in Tantra shastra and Shilpa Shastras are followed in its entirety. So that means that revival of one temple should not wait for another to be completed. Especially when there are more than 300 Hindu temples waiting to be revived and rebuilt in Malappuram district of Kerala alone. As such UgraNarasimha Charitable Trust is embarking on an ambitious project to start simultaneous revival of all the Hindu temples presently lying in ruins in Malappuram district of Kerala. The objective is to rebuild all the temples in another three years.

The process involves volunteers travelling through the remote locations collecting details of the destroyed ancient Hindu temples, its history and other details. The next process is to organise the devotees and form a committee to be part of the revival of the temple. Next is the Devaprashnam, drawing temple design , construction by Sthapathi with knowledge of the particular type of construction.

For the purpose we are forming a Temple Renovation Fund exclusively for construction and revival of ancient Hindu temples. You may donate to the fund and also request others to do so. The details are as below

Name: UgraNarasimha Charitable Trust

Account Number: 6300101001374

IFSC: CNRB0006300

Bank: Canara Bank Thondayad Branch

You may also donate via our payment gateway https://imojo.in/renovation

We need your support as we rebuild and revive close to 300 Hindu temples from their ruins, organise the Hindu community and reestablish Dharma in this sacred land of our forefathers and the Abode of Hindu Gods. All the Hindu temples in Malappuram district will be restored to their pristine glory and fighting spirit of HinduSamaj will be rekindled in this process.


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  1. For every Yuga, we had asuras and now in this kali Yuga we have islam, Christianity who have done their part in dividing, forcing, killing our ancestors and even today we can seen some of that happening again in kerala where our guru Sri SHANKARACHARYA was born! It’s high time for the world to witness some HINDU unity. Let’s unity for the better cause of our culture and our future. Never forget what they have done and are doing for our fellow HINDUS.
    BE UNITED AND #WAKEUP ! Lack of unity once made us to be in Islamic and christian rule, now we have to fight for our nation and our culture for HINDU RASHTRAM!🙏

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