Heritage Squads in districts across Bharat

Over past two year, we have spent considerable efforts in research documentation and also floated few organisations for ground level interventions. The support we received from everyone was overwhelming. The social media was highly supporting of the #ReclaimTemples project, so was the HinduSamaj in various districts who were eagerly waiting for a ray of hope and a helping hand to save them from the situations of despair.

Our experience for past two years tell us that time is now for mass movement to protect the Heritage Hindu temples across Bharat. The #ReclaimTemples project will be implemented in a highly decentralized, highly localized manner with decision making and driving force in the locality where the struggles happen to protect our Heritage structures.

The movement will involve forming Heritage Squads in each district of Bharat. Like minded individuals can come together for this project. The core concern of the Heritage Squads will be the Hindu Heritage sites lying abandoned in the neighborhood.

There are various activities which can be taken up.

Conservation: Wherever the team has located the Hindu Heritage temple in ruins its absolutely essential to talk and bring the local Hindu community on board. A committee of local Hindu society may be formed for upkeep and maintenance of the Heritage ruins.

The main activity involves forming a team of committed individuals in your locality and leading the cleaning up and conservation efforts of Heritage Hindu temples. The activity may be planned over weekends or any day convenient to the group. The events planned can be published in social media using hashtag #ReclaimTemples, so that people all over Bharat can track the efforts on this front and also share widely motivating others also to join.

An independent trust or society can be formed in due time to take forth the efforts in the region and also for financing the expenses incurred. The efforts are localised, so should be the people involved. Include everyone who considers the efforts and objectives important and can join the same than indulge in meaningless legalistic debates.

Research: Around two lakh Hindu Heritage sites remain abandoned across Bharat. Many of these sites dont exists in official records, and there is no clue in official records of its history.

Research part involve locating such sites, photographing it, uploading it on Google Maps, document its history via blogs or articles.

You can submit the details of destroyed and Heritage temples in your locality via this form 

Litigation: Bharat was truly the DevBhumi where Gods owned the lands. Hindu Kings of past donated thousands of hectares of land for upkeep of temple and Deity. The degeneration of temples was followed by usurping of the temple lands by vested interests. Many such lands were taken over even by Waqf and even by Church.

The tasks invovles checking the revenue records in the villages where the temple ruins exist, collect legal evidences of the land belonging to the temples, and start litigation over the title of land.

Evidences may also be collected using RTI and other legal means, good data exists in court records, British government records, as well as various surveys conducted by British government.

Awareness Campaigns: All efforts on your side to revive our Heritage should be published on social media using hashtag #ReclaimTemples. We are keeping track of the cyber space and will record and give publicity to such initiative across Bharat.


Our nation has withstood 1000 years of relentless assault, now is the time to regain whatever we lost. HinduSamaj has waited close two 4 years expecting various politicians they elected to act on Hindu interests, neglect and disdain is all that we got. Our Heritage is very important for survival of Hindu Dharma. Its the duty of every one of us to lead the efforts, not only for one organisation, leader or even the government.

The situation on ground is humongous for any government to manage. Only Hindu Samaj can lead this struggle for revival of Hindu civilization and make it a success.

Join now

You can give a Missed Call to number 7877200104 to join us, you can also register directly via link imojo.in/dharma

Also save number 8075215961 to receive updates via WhatsApp.


The survival of Hindu Dharma depends on our ability to fight alone when needed and also forming a group who can fight together for protecting Dharma.

Success ahead.


  1. Would like to volunteer for activities in my district. Either for research or for actual help on the ground in planning, organising, etc.

  2. wonderful cause, I have almost completed the restoration of one temple in our neighbourhood in Nadaun Himachal Pradesh, the opening ceremony is going to be on July 10th , 2018 with grand Bhandara.

    Please cunt me in this movement & share the next development.

  3. Happy to see, someone raising this (it is continuing even after 1947) “destruction of temples for destruction of Bharatvarsha’.
    2.A directory of lakhs of temples destroyed/abandoned (out of which thousands to be reclaimed from muslims and christians) required to be circulated for awareness about hindu genocide, beginning eighth century and still continuing (even under BJP government).
    3.Central Government and all state governments to be petitioned also along with collection of data for litigation or any other mass action.

  4. Lucky to be a part in whatever way I can. Hindu dharma needs to be protected. Ishwar hai chosen me to be a part of this revival. 🙏🏻 Om Namah Shivaya

  5. It’s great work for support Hinduism ,
    Our temple & hysterical assates is our regional balance .. we want to save it & other we want to renovate it . Good keep going ahead .

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