Clash of Civilisations, of Dharma and Adharma

From our epics and mythologies reminiscent of the times immemorial, we have known of the valour of Hindu Gods and Kings. There were always fight between Dharma and Adharma, the Gods and the Ausuras, and between the Kings who remained on the two opposite ends. And we grew up reading the stories of how the Gods and Kings vanquished all the enemies of Dharma.

In Ramayana the young Lord Sriram voices his doubts over killing Tadaka, the demoness that killed many sages and created havoc in life of innocent people. The wise sage Vishwamitra replies that evil has no gender, caste or creed. Lord Sriram went on to liberate the soul of Tadaka from the cursed life she was leading as a demoness.

Another of our mythology tells the story of Lord Shiva vanquishing the three worlds of the Asuras. When the evil permeated the Tripura and Asuras started attacking the Dharmik life from their Abode in Tripura, Lord Siva turned the three cities to ashes.

Fast forward to present, it may seem that Hindus have a lot to learn from mythology as well as history. Our history reveals galore of the kind acts by Hindu Kings that led to their doom along with the Hindu population and Kingdoms they ruled over. Nobody can forget Prithwiraj Chouhan who let Muhammad of Ghor escape only to see the Muslim invader return to torture him to death, the atrocities on Hindu population and the destruction of Hindu temples.

We have to analyse what went wrong with Prithwiraj Chouhan and what went right in the Acts from our mythology like TripuraDahanam. These two are opposite ways of dealing with Adharma and Asuras. PrithwiRaj Chouhan allowed evil and enemies to gather strength outside Hindu Kingdoms, while Lord Shiva as Trupurantaka reduced the source of evil to ashes via TripuraDahanam.

The Bharat of today, unlike what pseudo Hindu nationalists and Dhimmi organisations want you to believe is on a downward spiral to extinction. The extant of Bharatvarsha is only one fourth of what it was 1000 years before. The enemies which once waged war on it from outside now does it from within. The attacks on Pride and Honour of HinduDharma, our temples and our women are more than ever. Though in ancient times, the perpetrators came from outside, the present times has the Ghazis living amongst us on government benefits and aided by ideology and support from beyond our borders. The speed of disintegration has increased in recent times with Sharia zones being established in villages, cities, districts and states across Bharat.

Dhimmi Nationalists have put forward a solution to the war being waged from within, and it is to call the progeny of invaders as Hindus. They pretend to know nothing of the more than one lakh Hindu temples lying in ruins across Bharat and more than 40,000 lying under Muslim occupation. Desperate for votes and stamps of approval from sworn enemies of Hindu Dharma, they have aligned with those Corporate Gurus who make a living by selling HinduDharma. And the result as usual are shameless deals that will deprive Hindus of their Heritage as well was Pride forever and lead HinduDharma to slow suicide and extinction.

HinduSamaj has to understand that the Dhimmis have neither a solution nor the courage to implement any decision to safeguard HinduDharma. So the only solution will be work towards a goal that will free Bharatvarsha from the pestilence that is ravaging since 712 AD when the first Islamic invasion happened.

And HinduSamaj will have to ensure that the generations to come need not worry about Islamic invaders from beyond our borders or within. This will be possible only when we take care of the source of all Jihad in Bharat.

History tells us of the Pagan temple of 108 Gods in Arabia in the place called Mecca. The temple was converted to a Masjid and the idols destroyed by Muhammad. The end of Jihad will happen when the First Act of War is reversed and no longer there is an inspiration for Ghazis around the world to Pray to before they commit genocide on innocents.

And HinduSamaj can show the way by reclaiming all the Hindu temples that were forcible converted to Masjids and also by rebuilding the Hindu temples now left in ruins. This will lead to a demand and actions around the world to revive the indigenous Heritage structures taken over via acts of Jihad and brute force.

HinduDharma is the sole surviving ancient civilisation that has fought and withstood Islamic invaders from Arabia. Whenever the Ghazis came to destroy us, we had men and women who showed them the valour and courage that vanquished all evil. Hindu civilisation thus has a leading role to play in removing the seeds of terror and their ideology from within and beyond our borders and bestow a world of Prosperity and Peace for generations to come.


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