Ishwarar Kovil: Hindu temple destroyed by Tipu Sultan and being rebuilt by Hindu Samaj

Article by @shivmusik

Ishwaran Kovil is an ancient temple that was destroyed by Tipu Sultan, now being reclaimed and rebuilt in the Ramani-mudali-pudur village near Pollachi, Tamilnadu.

Overview of the temple

This temple housing Lord Shiva was originally constructed by Veeranarayana Chola in the year 816 CE. Today its referred to as “Ishwaran Kovil” in Ramani-mudali-pudur village Kaliyapuram panchayat, South Pollachi. The temple was destroyed during Tipu Sultan’s conquest of Travancore (1770-1800 CE), however the temple Acharyas then managed to protect the Shivalinga and the Nandikeshwar murthi burying them in near by agricultural fields.


Its was in year 1996 a Sanyasi (Thiru Sivanesan Adigalar), from Agasthiya Sishya parampara came to visit the place (Pollachi) all the way from Thiruvannamalai (Agni kshetra Shiva kovil) by Divine ordain (Sage Agasthiyar Adviced so, in his swapna-sthitthi). Adigalar could sense divine presence in the said area, where after excavations the Shivalinga and the Nandikeshwar murthis were unearthed beneath a Vaagai tree (dated 750yrs old).

Nandikeshwar Murthy

Since then, regular poojas have been going on at the site. At present a makeshift temple houses the Lingeshwar and Nandi, while a permanent temple is also being constructed.

New temple being built

Beyond the social media, beyond the news studios, beyond the political rallies, Hindu Samaj is quietly rebuilding the Hindu temples than came under the sword of Muslim invaders.

Address of the temple:

Ishwaran kovil,
Ramanimudalipudur Village,
Kaliyapuram post,
Pollachi Taluk,
Coimbatore District,
TN- 642129.



  1. 1). i say we need to change the narrative,

    2). we need to work the opposite of what Bistish Colonist talk about to destroy in their letters, writtings during the start of their Indian Rule …
    3). we need to think what is going to destroy us and then try to work against that ….

    I assume reading this means that I m Just Talking, well I m Doing My part the way i can …. Hoping this would help….

    Because Hardwork is less Important against Strategy .
    Direction is very Important . i m seeing a Lot of So called Hindus working but sometimes in opposite directions .

    A Help from Me:
    Before doing any action do consider a Thought , i.e. The ation that is Being Done is for ………………..
    ( किस लिए)
    and that किस लिए is the Pillars that is agreed on by all the So called Hindus to work for.


  2. It is a great endeavours to bring back our pristine spiritual glory and it will unite Hindus also . It will show mirror to satanic seculars of India who always remain silent over the acts of Islamic barbarity and savagery in India to establish a religion of mediaeval and stone mentality .

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