Hindu Gods of Zafar Khan Ghazi Masjid Tribeni and their wait for worship

Article by Nayandeep

One must understand how important it is to know of the atrocities committed on Hindu civilization during the past by invading hordes of barbarians from Arabia. Without this knowledge we might remain ignorant and end up celebrating those who were responsible for the cruelty on our ancestors. The paradox stares at us, as many of our leaders end up sending Chadhars to the graves of Sufi extremists who presided over the mass murder of Hindu population. We fail to notice and learn the history behind the  defaced Gods and Goddesses in our ancestral temples and in those temples converted into mosques.

One such prime example is the Ghazi Zafar Khan Mosque near Calcutta in the town of Tribeni. It was a meeting point of three rivers Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati. For the uninitiated ones the title Ghazi is given to an Islamic warrior who has slaughtered and destroyed the kaffirs. In this case it was an area and people around Tribeni who were slaughtered and the Vishnu temple located there which was converted to a Masjid.

Said to be built in 1298 AD in Tribeni Bengal, Ghazi Zafar Khan Mosque is regarded as the oldest mosque in the eastern India. Circumstances in which the mosque was constructed are aptly demonstrated in its dedicatory inscription, which was translated by H.Balochman a British officer who translated the inscription on Zafar  Khan’s tomb, it  clearly states “Khan the lion of lions has appeared by conquering the towns of India in every expedition and by restoring the decayed religious institutions. And he has destroyed the obdurate among the infidels with his sword and spear and lavished the treasures of his wealth in helping miserable”.

On a close inspection of the mosque one can clearly see the distinct Hindu architecture in the form of various Deities and lord Vishnu’s Dashavatar (ten forms) on the stone slab inside the mosque. The doorways of Zafar Khan’s tomb strongly resemble Hindu Vaishnava architecture. Many of the figures on the walls have their faces disfigured in order to hide the truth that the mosque is actually a Hindu temple.
A British officer D.Money of the Bengal civil services who had met with the Khadims(servents) of Ghazi Zafar Khan’s muesoleum in the year 1847 scanned some of the documents given to him by the Khadims, the documents clearly stated that Zafar Mohamed Khan along with his nephew shah Sufi came from western India to slay the infidels (Hindus) of Bengal and turn them to Islam. It mentions that Zafar Khan fought and converted local ruler Man Nirapati to Islam. It was the second battle with the ruler Budheb that the all conquering Ghazi met his fate by having his head chopped off and his torso buried in Tribeni.

There are many versions and folklore regarding this man Ghazi Khan and his mosque, in some folklore he is presented as a slayer of Hindus. In versions penned by Islamic historians he is however portrayed as a benevolent man who distributed his wealth to the poor.

While the folklore and different versions may contradict themselves but the fact on the ground remains that the once famous temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu is now used as a mosque.
The truth is that the ancient Hindu temples which were a rallying point for the local population and centers of great architecture and learning were destroyed and taken over by Muslim invaders to finish off the oldest and the greatest civilization in the world. So we have to ponder over what keeps this civilization still alive in the face of destruction done centuries ago and the present disdain being heaped upon us by democratic governments.

The answer to this lies in the spirit of our illustrious ancestors who fought to defend our temples and our glorious heritage. Never has been invaders successful in conquering our nation and our temples, great wars were fought to reclaim our temples and restart worship of our Gods.

The same spirit now runs in the countless Dharmik warriors who dream of reclaiming our temples. All Hindu temples will no doubt be liberated from the encroachers and the due worship of Hindu Gods will be reinstated.


Image Credits: double-dolphin.blogspot.in

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